Buffet: A Must-Have Piece Of Furniture In Your Dining Room

Published: 12th March 2012
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From its original function of being used for feasts to dinner parties, buffets are no longer just for entertaining purposes but also afford your dining room extra storage for your fine china and silverware as well as other decorative pieces. Apart from providing shelving space, it also augments the look of the dining area. Other ornamental pieces like candles, flower arrangement, photos, trophies and plaques can be similarly placed on its top.

Choose the Ideal Buffet

In order to make your shopping for a buffet easier, you must first decide the kind of buffet that you need. If you are after having additional storage space, then get a buffet that has shelves and drawers. A buffet with glass doors would be ideal so your display items can be seen. If your purpose is to use it for serving food during parties and other family gatherings, then choose a lengthier buffet. Make certain though that the buffet that you will purchase will blend well with your current dining furniture as well as with the furnishings of the room.

You also need to decide on the material of the buffet. Some buffets are made from all wood while others have a combination of wood and glass. Choose what suits your home best.

A Buffet with Plenty of Storage Spaces

If you are lacking in space in your dining room or kitchen and do not know where to keep your other dinnerware, then opt to have a buffet with plenty of storage spaces. Your beautiful collection of china, silverware, glassware, table cloths or runners, napkins, serving platters and trays can all be stored in the buffet’s shelf and drawers. You can also put a big flower arrangement on its top or some scented or floating candles.

A Buffet for Entertaining Guests

If you are to use the buffet for this purpose, you can bring out your beautiful table cloth to cover it and set your selections of food to have a self-serving food bar. Place the food on your serving platters as well as dinner plates and cutlery on the buffet. This will free your dining table from these offering more room for your guests to eat comfortably. Even appetizers, side dishes and desserts can be placed on the buffet.

Buffets are All-around

Even though they are originally designed for the dining room, buffets are equally good pieces of furniture to have in the other areas of your home. Enhance your drab-looking hallway or foyer with a buffet. To make it more enthralling, pair it off with a stylish mirror. You can also use a buffet as a stand for your flat TV whether in the living room or in your bedroom. Its shelves can provide you additional storage for your media stuff, books or personal items.

Where to Buy Your Buffet

The best place to buy your buffet is from online furniture stores. They offer you with varied styles and designs. It is also easier to make comparisons with regards these aspects and the price.

Providing you with more benefits, a buffet is indeed a practical and functional piece of furniture to have not only in your dining room but in your home.

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