Furniture To Create A More Inviting And Appealing Ambiance In Your Living Room

Published: 30th March 2012
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If you have reached that point where you find your living room boring and tiring, it is about time that you act to reinvent its look. This task does not mean that you need to do a radical change as renovate the whole room and buy a whole set of furniture. There are numerous ways to achieve a comfortable, elegant and inviting appeal in your room that conveys your personality without spending a big amount. Below are some tips on refurbishing the look of your living room to enliven its ambiance.

Repaint the Color of Your Walls

Choose the color that will reflect the theme that you want for your living room. If you choose to use a neutral color, then make it lively with your choice of furniture colors. If you do not have an accent wall, then do it now. You can also opt to apply the rubber stamping method.

Reorganize the Furniture

Think of other ways as to how you can interchange their positions to make it more homely and comfortable. You can add a corner that is exclusive for reading purposes where you can make use of a room divider. Add a desk, chair and a table lamp to make it comfortable. If you have a big space to allot for this area, you can also put a chaise ion this nook instead of a chair. If some floor space is left, you can spread the cushions on the floor to provide extra seating. Otherwise, you can have a rug and put the cushions on top of it. This setting will provide a more relaxing ambiance and will be appreciated by your kids, too.
If you have extra money and you can afford to buy some new pieces of furniture, then do so. Mix your old furniture with new pieces.

Refurbish the Furniture

Check if your furniture needs to be reupholstered. Wooden furniture may need to be refinished, too. You can make use of a throw to put over your sofa. Pick one that has a smooth fabric and a striking color. You can use a table cloth for your coffee table or retile the top with montage tiles or tinted glass.

Make Use of Area Rugs

Area rugs can be used to accentuate certain areas in the living room. You can also use area rugs to assign specific spaces. Even without room dividers, you can assign a reading nook by having a different area rug for that area. Use another area rug and have some cushions on top of it and assign it as the music room. You can also use an area rug for the conversational area.

Wall Decorations and other Furnishings

Keep this at a minimum that shows your personality and passion. If you love or one in the family has some artistic talent, then hang one of his works on the wall. You can also place a mirror that leads to a striking architectural aspect of the room or an interesting view. The presence of a mirror would also make the room bigger, especially if your space is small.

Choose Various Lighting Fixtures

The use of different kinds of lights can set different moods in your living room. You can still have a general light if you want although this is quite outdated. You can make use of recessed and task lighting fixtures.

Have some Houseplants

The presence of plants can add cleanness and freshness in your living room. They can be in pots or hanging plants and place them strategically. Make sure, however, that you have time to take care of these plants. If not, have plants that do not need much attention.

Giving your living room a new appeal can be done in plenty of ways. Furniture plays an essential room but you also have to ensure that everything must be in proper equilibrium. If you think that you do not need some of your furniture, you can sell, donate it to charity, give it to a friend or a family member who may need it. The most important thing is to remove clutter to open up more spaces and to create a breathable living room.

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