Modern Plus Traditional Home Furniture

Published: 26th March 2012
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Who says you can only have one kind of furniture in your home? Well the days when you are limited to just modern or traditional furniture are now over.

It would be a waste if you are to throw away furniture just because it does not fall within the same category as the new furniture you recently bought. You cannot forever restrict yourself to just one kind of furniture. There will come a time when you have to mix two types of furniture.

Most people want to have modern furniture especially since the generation we belong in now is highly advanced. We need modern furniture to help us keep up with our fast paced daily activities. But our old furniture that belongs to our ancestors is also hard to let go. They have developed this historical and sentimental value to us.

The solution is to know what goes with what. Modern furniture can be mixed up with traditional furniture.

Living room furniture:

The living room is the center of entertainment and secondary to the bedroom, is also the main place for relaxation. You can have the modern furniture in the living room at the entertainment area where you keep your modern appliances and gadgets. You can retain the traditional recliner sofa with its matching corner table in the love seat area. This way your antique lamp will not need to be thrown away.

Dining room and kitchen furniture:

It is great to keep your antique dining table and antique dining chairs. Majority of your modern furniture are fit to be placed in the kitchen since this is where you prepare your food. Sometimes you need to rush things and prepare food quickly so you need help from modern furniture in the kitchen. You can have your antique cabinet and shelves as storage for your china, silverware, dinner ware. For your appliances, you need modern furniture to keep them in.

Bedroom furniture:

In the bedroom, traditional furniture may dominate more like the antique bed, dresser, and cabinet. However, you can also have a modern working table and chair if you often work in the bedroom. Your modern closet could house the things that you use every day while the antique cabinet can store your jewelry and other stuff you only use for special occasions. Such fixtures such as modern drawers can be placed under your traditional bed. Your sofa can also be of the modern type.

Bathroom furniture:

Traditional furniture may be kept such as the shelves and cabinets. The tub and shower are part of the modern area of the bathroom. The sink area perhaps could be of the traditional make up. Make sure you have traditional tiles here while modern tiles must be installed on the bathing area.

You also need to consider the weight of the furniture. If you want a certain room to be remodeled regularly, lessen the presence of antique furniture here. If you need to be more efficient and active in one area, put more modern furniture there.

For fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere, antique furniture will do the trick. You can never really strike an exact balance between the two. One will dominate the other. Thus, the presence of the other type of furniture will only serve as an accentuation. Combining traditional and modern furniture in designing your home should not frighten you, as it can give a varied change in your home theme.

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